Tim Perkin IT Consulting

Services Offered

The following services are offered. Please contact me to discuss your requirements in detail.

IT Systems Audit

I have many years experience in reviewing system designs, in particular the integration between different platforms covering considerations of, for example, reliability, resilience, security and performance. Perhaps you are a small enterprise, where the systems have not kept pace with the development of your business. In this case I can provide you with recommendations and a road-map to modernize and streamline your IT and fix those issues that inevitably arise over the years as extra packages and functions are added to the IT estate.

Exploit the Cloud


So, you've heard a lot about Cloud technologies, and are wondering what they are and if they can be of advantage to your business. Lets consider a number of scenarios:

  1. You might be a SME and have a number of systems running on local servers. Moving to a cloud based implementation could give you improved resilience and a ability to quickly grow capacity without any capital investment, or the distraction of managing an IT infrastructure. 
  2. You will likely be using a number of products for the internal management of your business from simple email, to finance and HR applications. These applications, and indeed, the standard suite of Office productivity apps, can be provided partly or wholly though Cloud services. Again, the benefits of reduced maintenance and improved reliability apply.
  3. You are worried about the safety of your data and digital assets. Using the right Cloud solution can provide all the security and resilience you need without significant capital investment.

I can help you navigate the options, and give sound recommendation for a way forward. Then, I can assist you with a smooth transition to your new services.

Full Stack Web and Mobile Development

"Full stack" development refers to those developers who are comfortable working on all aspects of a system from the database design, through the server-side technology, to the user interface. It requires a mastery of multiple technologies and an ability to fully understand the customer's requirements, and distil them into a operational system on the appropriate platforms. Sure, you can't be good at everything, so I use a number of specialists in graphic design and digital media, and can call on other specialists if necessary for niche technologies.